we are f**ked

Oh my god. I mean, I knew the Dems were in for a tough fight next year, but c’mon.

Read this article. Seriously, read the whole thing. Then resign yourself to four more years of debt, fiscal insanity, environmental destruction, unilateral militarism, waning civil liberties, and endless abuse of language. And say a prayer for the country.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Realish

    I do not understand what you are saying. The article says that the republicans are registering voters and stuff. Is that not the way democracy is supposed to work? Do you not like democracy?
    I also do not understand the other things you said. Fiscal insanity? I just read a news report that the economy is roaring and the deficit will be much less than expected.
    Waning civil liberties? I read an AP story that said that the Patriot Act only extended to terrorists what was already done to organized crime. So we had already lost those civil liberties. Right?