too much time on my hands

Get this…the baby is awake and I’m typing on the computer. How can this be? Well, it turns out having the ability to sit up and transfer object between hands is a _lot_ more entertaining to a baby than lying flat on his back motionless! I had heard this development was coming but I can scarcely believe it. Of course, Grip is about 2 seconds away from actual crawling (he just scoots backwards now) so this honeymoon from constant monitoring is going to be pretty brief, but it sure is sweet while it’s here.

Part of the joy (and relief) of his ability to self-entertain is that he had a really rough last few weeks. He cut two teeth within days of one another and then after a brief, fun vacation came back and got a terrible cold. So, our normally sunny, mellow little guy had been a little less sunny than usual. The way it feels to have him back to his old self is a lot like the way it feels on those precious January days in Seattle when the sun breaks through after months of overcast and rain. You don’t realize how much you’d missed it until you realize how happy you feel at it’s reappearance.