the word is “lie”

The right is all a-twitter about “civility” these days — despite the VP telling a Senator to go fuck himself, which made him “feel better” — and part of that means not calling the president bad words like “liar.” That’s “negative” and “pessimistic.” We’re supposed to say he “exaggerated” or “stretched the truth” or that his statements were “misleading.” Bullshit. He lies. He’s been lying since he entered office, and probably well before. He lies openly and with utter contempt for the American press and public. To wit: Here’s a paragraph from the Poor Man blog, complete with links, should you care to follow up:

He has lied about his time in the National Guard, and lied about his criminal history. He lied about his relationship with Ken Lay, he lied about who would benefit from his tax cuts, and he lied about stem cells. He lied about his visit to Bob Jones University, he lied about why he wouldn’t meet with Log Cabin Republicans, and he lied about reading the EPA report on global warming. He lied about blaming the Clinton administration for the second intifada, he lies constantly about how he pays no attention to polls, he lied about how he loves New York, and he lied about moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He lied about finding WMD in Iraq, he lied about making his decision to go to war, he lied about the CIA’s dismissal of the yellowcake rumors, and he lied about the IAEA’s assessment of Iraq’s nuclear program. He lied about funding the fight against AIDS in Africa, he lied about when the recession started, and he lied about seeing the first plane hit the WTC. He lied about supporting the Patient Protection Act, and he lied about his deficit spending, and now my wrist hurts.