The 2011 mix is here!

The 2011 mix is done! I was going to apologize for it being “late,” but since my last post like this was a year and a day ago, I guess this is the new normal.

The best, fastest, most reliable way to get it is via bittorrent, here.

You can also download past years’ mixes, all the way back to 2003, here. (If you don’t have a bittorrent client, get this one.)

If you live in the past and don’t do bittorrent, you can download the mix as a single zip file via Dropbox (check the menu at the upper right).

If you live even farther in the past and want the mix on CD, well, I salute you! Email me your address and I’ll mail you one. Really! I enjoy making them and will be sad when the year comes that no one wants one…

As usual, my only request is that you listen to the whole thing through, in order, at least once. In this day and age, no one respects song order any more, but it matters, damnit! Also, get off my lawn.

Let me know what you think.

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  • Excellent – and just in time for the first minor East Coast snow storm of the year – now I know what I’ll be listening to after watching Up w/Chris Hayes tomorrow! Thanks, David!

  • natalia


  • Hi David,

    I would very much like a cd with the 2011 mix.

    But, I live in Denmark – do you ship to destinations so far away?

    Best regards, Soren.

    • Hey Soren — email me. realish at gmail dot com

  • Realish comes through again! Thanks bud, from a dedicated Realish fan – you just made my weekend!

  • PRC

    : -0 What is your email? I wouldn’t mind a free mix CD. : 0

  • Chris

    Have you considered posting the list to spotify?

  • Brian

    Would you mind if I uploaded your playlist into Spotify? Was going to title it “Realish 2011” to give credit where due, unless you have a different name for it?

    • Go for it Brian! Leave a link here if you do.

  • JC

    Thanks! I look forward to these every year, and yet again you haven’t disappointed.

  • Mark Tercek

    Great Mix. Yes i would like a cd. My kids and i will enjoy listening to in car. Thanks very much. Long list tapes. Song order matters. Cheers, MT

  • Becca

    Would love a CD — still a sucker for hard copies. Email you at realish at gmail dot com?

  • Ben Snyder

    Dude, you are seriously my music saviour. Thank you.

  • Ouija Cat

    been looking forward to this too … love it, great job!

  • Billie

    I have been without my laptop since early December & I just got it back yesterday. One of my first tasks was to search for the 2011 Realish Mix. I want to thank you for providing me with hours of enjoyment every year. As I previously stated last year, your mixes are always in constant rotation.

    Please don’t ever stop…

    • Billie

      Also, I want to mention – I DO respect the order of the tracks. I am old school & remember mix tapes fondly. I received and gave many, and I can confirm track order DOES matter…

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