The 2010 mix is here!

It’s even later than usual, but this year’s mix is done!

By far the fastest, safest, and easiest-on-my-bandwidth option is to download the mix via bittorrent. It’s easy: install this program (or this one if you’re on a Mac) and go here. Voi la.

Alternatively, you can download the mix as a single zip file from Dropbox. All files are high-quality mp3s.

I always make actual CDs for anyone who wants one (a dying art form), so send your address to realish at gmail if you’d like one. Really, you too!

If you’d like previous years’ mixes, you can find them, going all the way back to 2003, here.

The only thing I ask in return for making the mixes is that you listen to them all the way through, in order, at least a few times before they become random singles scattered throughout iTunes. Order matters!

And on that note, here’s the 2010 track list:

side one

  1. aloe blacc – i need a dollar
  2. jenny and johnny – big wave
  3. band of horses – compliments
  4. josh ritter – change of time
  5. girl talk – this is the remix
  6. big boi – shutterbugg
  7. gigi – alone at the pier (f rose melberg)
  8. best coast – the end
  9. miniature tigers – rock n’ roll mountain troll
  10. ariel pink’s haunted graffiti – round and round
  11. rogue wave – permalight
  12. the bad plus – super america
  13. mumford & sons – little lion man
  14. the moondoggies – lead me on
  15. the avett brothers – spanish pipedream
  16. the ruby suns – cranberry
  17. yeasayer – madder red
  18. dr. dog – i only wear blue
  19. delta spirit – bushwick blues
  20. the ouija birds – the traveller
  21. fang island – sideswiper

side two

  1. trampled by turtles – wait so long
  2. arcade fire – sprawl ii (mountains beyond mountains)
  3. black mountain – the hair song
  4. the secret sisters – why baby why
  5. ceelo green – fuck you
  6. sarah jaffe – before you go
  7. sarah harmer – silverado (f neko case)
  8. jesca hoop – four dreams
  9. band of horses – blue beard
  10. the national – bloodbuzz ohio
  11. mountain man – animal tracks
  12. mark ronson – bang bang bang (f q-tip & mndr)
  13. free energy – bang pop
  14. freelance whales – we could be friends
  15. dan reeder – maybe
  16. mimicking birds – pixels
  17. blitzen trapper – the tree (f alela diane)
  18. janelle monae – dance or die (f saul williams)
  19. bad books – you wouldn’t have to ask
  20. rural alberta advantage – don’t haunt this place
  21. ratatat – neckbrace
  22. phosphorescent – hej, me i’m light

As always, I would love to hear what you think.

  • Excellent list, although I think I would’ve picked “Scissors Runner” for Jenny & Johnny and “Cold War” for Janelle Monae. But that’s just me.

  • Yael

    Loved the 2009. Funnily enough, I just dl’ed the 2010 today, before you posted this! I’ve been checking back for it since the turn of the year.

    Have also tried to dl your pre-2009 mixes, but not enough people seeding…

    • Yael, sorry — my desktop’s been out of commission for a while, and that’s where the old mixes live. Once I get it fixed (soon, I hope!), I’ll start seeding those old mixes. Check back in a week or so.

    • Yael, my computer is back in action, so all the pre-2009 mixes should be seeded now if you want to grab them.

      • OC

        Hello! LOVE your mixes but the mixes for 2003, 2005, and 2006 are only downloading partially via bittorrent … the other years downloaded OK! Any suggestions?

        Keep up the amazing work! : )

        • Hm, I’m not sure why that would be. I’m seeding them all right now and they don’t show any errors or anything. What’s happening? You just get a certain percentage and then it stops?

          • OC

            Yes, well those three are sort of downloading very sporadically … but at the moment the 2005 is stopped at 87%, the 2006 at 5%, and 2003 at 97%. Hopefully they’ll come across at some point. Thanks!

  • Kathy

    If you like Jesca Hoop, don’t forget to preorder Nicole Atkins’ album on iTunes =)

  • Billie

    Fantastic! You just made a bad day much brighter. I can’t wait to give it a listen.

    All of your mixes are in constant rotation on my iPod.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Silvio

    Finally got around to downloading this, and am so glad I finally did. I only had five of these songs already, so this is an awesome addition to my music library.

    Thanks for making them!

  • JC

    Yesssss! Thanks so much! I look forward to this every year!

  • Emily Gertz

    Hurrah! As ever, thanks for your great mixes, Dave. I listen to them all the time, and would be pop-music-clueless without them.

  • Johnny

    As always a fantastic list. The only song we share from your list to mine is Rock n’ roll mountain troll. Is that a little odd? Oh, and don’t feel too bad- I also haven’t finished putting the final touches on everything either. Maybe in June and everything will sound new again.

  • Molly Moore

    Dave, Jen, and family, thanks for sharing. We have our own little ‘best songs of the year’ tradition and “I Need a Dollar” and “Little Lion Man” made our list as well (although we went with “England” by the National). Haven’t listened to the mix, yet but downloading now and am sure to enjoy.

  • J

    Hi friend, I came across the mix via Twitter. I consider myself a pretty good discoverer of music talent/creator of mixes, but there were TONS of amazing artists I had never heard of on your mix.

    It has delivered many many hours of enjoyment. Thanks.

  • Dro0

    Excellent addition to the Roberts Family Archive– I am honored to own each and every edition previous to this one! Oh and uh.. the order rocks.