We haven’t updated the Diaries for a while. I could make some excuse about this, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t been able to think of anything to say. It’s not that nothing’s happening — the kid is growing so fast we can practically see the difference every day; he’s alert and tracking objects; he’s starting to make coo-sounding noises; his acne is clearing up — it’s just that I can’t think of anything. That is to say, I can’t think. At all. I’ve gone stupid. I’m guessing it’s the lack of sleep, combined with the constant presence of something to worry about and take care of and play with and so forth.

I think it’s nature’s way of bringing new parents down to their kids’ level. The other day I was holding Grip and I started thinking, “he looks like a turtle… yeah, a turtle… with a little Yoda thrown in… and maybe some Winston Churchill… or is it Alfred Hitchcock?… but definitely turtle… a Yoda-turtle… but with no shell…”

At some point I realized that about a half hour had passed. Grip was staring at me. I was staring at him. We both had drool on our chins.