rove’s propaganda film

A movie called “DC 9/11: Time of Crisis” premiered this Sunday on Showtime. It is, by all accounts, a transparent piece of propaganda about Bush and his administration and their actions immediately following the 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks. Noted Bush impersonator Timothy Bottoms plays the President–for the first time trying _not_ to make it funny, probably without success.

Anyway, I haven’t seen the film, and won’t, and was just going to write it off as another example of ham-handed and unsubtle the Rove machine manipulation of public opinion. Then I saw this review of the movie, written by one of the 9/11 widows. (Salon asks for a subscription, but you can just click the “free day pass” link at the bottom to read the whole thing.)

Here’s a quote:

It is understandable that so little time is actually devoted to the president’s true actions on the morning of 9/11. Because to show the entire 23 minutes from 9:03 to 9:25 a.m., when President Bush, in reality, remained seated and listening to “second grade story-hour” while people like my husband were burning alive inside the World Trade Center towers, would run counter to Karl Rove’s art direction and grand vision.

Ouch. Then there’s this:

I watched this film with three of my widow friends. We have spent the last two years fighting this administration to try to get answers to the many questions that plague us about 9/11. When they’re finally answered, our questions will undoubtedly make this nation safer than it was on that morning. But our reality is that our husbands are never coming home. We are left to raise our children without them. Too bad Showtime can’t rewrite our history of 9/11 — that would be something worth watching.


Go read the whole thing.