Realish mixes are no more

Several people have asked, so I might as well make an official announcement:

There will be no 2016 Realish mix — or any more Realish mixes going forward. The tradition has ended.

I say this with great regret and nostalgia. I made a mix every year from 2000 to 2015. It got to be a big part of my life! And by the end, hundreds of people were getting them, by CD or online. I loved the whole experience.

But a bunch of stuff has aligned to make it impossible these days. I could write a million words about why, but to summarize:

  • my job has me incredibly, constantly busy and I just don’t have the time;
  • my avenues for discovering new/obscure music have decayed — more and more, I’m just “discovering” stuff that everyone else is discovering too — I don’t want the mix to just be “songs you probably already know”;
  • the bittorrent site I relied on for new music ( has been shut down by the authorities — there’s no other source for free music that works for my purposes, and there’s no way I could afford all gazillion of the albums I listen to in a given year when working on the mix;
  • in general, I find myself not listening to music as much these days, especially when I work — in my old age, I rather appreciate quiet;
  • when I do listen to music, I almost always want to listen to boring strummy dad music that I can sing along to — I’ve lost my appetite for wading through other stuff — and nobody wants a yearly mix full of nothing but strummy dad music;
  • nobody listens to CDs any more, so these days, a “mix” is just a playlist — that just doesn’t feel special enough to me to warrant the immense amount of work I was putting into it.

And so on. Basically, I had to admit that, to quote a phrase, I’m too old for this shit.

All the mixes are available online and always will be. And if anyone wants to take over and make yearly mixes going forward … please put me on the mailing list!

Goodbye, Realish. You were fun.