2006 mix

The 2006 mix is here! It’s good. You want a copy. I want to give you a copy. Let’s work together.

Here are some ways you can get it:

1. The Old-Fashioned Way: Snail Mail

If you still enjoy listening to actual, physical CDs — say, in your car or home stereo system — I will happily mail you one. As always, I spent quite a bit of time putting it together, and my heart swells with pride at the thought of you carrying it with you through the years, showing it to your children, having it placed in your coffin next to you, that sort of thing.

Just email me your physical address — realish [at] realish.com — with the subject line, “Dave, man, you rule. Really.”

However. If you’re a modern sort, and listen to music only on your iPod or other mp3 player, and intend to rip the CD immediately to your computer, let me urge you: don’t. The music will then have been encoded and compressed and re-encoded and re-compressed, leaving you with crappy, low-quality files.

You deserve better. You deserve high-quality mp3s. If you just want mp3s, please see delivery methods 2-5, below.

2. The Nifty Person-to-Person Filesharing Way: Pando

[UPDATE: Pando, like so many early filesharing technologies, is kaput.]

3. The Super Cutting Edge Firefox Way: AllPeers

[UPDATE: AllPeers is also kaput.]

4. The Dummy-Proof Way: Box.net

[UPDATE: Box.net? Also kaput.]

5. The Best, i.e. Bittorrent Way: Pirate Bay

If you’ve ever downloaded a bittorrent file, you know how sweet, fast, and secure it is. If you have a bittorrent client, you can download the mix from popular filesharing site Pirate Bay (yes, it’s perfectly legal … as long as you only download my mix), here.

If you don’t have a bittorrent client (a small piece of software that downloads bittorrents), I recommend uTorrent. You can also download previous years’ mixes here.

[UPDATE: You can download the mix directly via Dropbox.]

Questions? Email realish [ at ] realish.com, or leave a comment below.