more america haters!

From the L.A. Times:

A group of 26 former senior diplomats and military officials, several appointed to key positions by Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, plans to issue a joint statement this week arguing that President George W. Bush has damaged America’s national security and should be defeated in November. The group, which calls itself Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, will explicitly condemn Bush’s foreign policy, according to several of those who signed the document.

Watch for these people’s characters and motivations to be viciously attacked by the rightie schoolyard gang. They also want you to believe that General Anthony Zinni, Richard Clarke, and Paul O’Neill are bitter, grasping opportunists. The group of people — all saying the same things about the tragedy that is the Bush administration — that they want you to hate is growing larger and larger.

*UPDATE:* Here’s an interview with the group’s organizer — William C. Harrop, ambassador to Israel under George H. W. Bush. Very interesting.