medical profession confirms: grip huge

Grip went in for his “four month check-up” (although he’s four and three-quarters at this point) the other day, where we learned that he is the size of an average _10 month old_. Here are the stats:

Height: 28.5 inches. This was annotated with “>97%,” i.e., he’s in the “greater than 97th” percentile. They don’t measure any higher than 97 percent, since there’s probably only like 10 kids on the planet his age this tall. It basically means he’s off the chart.

Weight: 20 pounds. This is a mere “97%,” which means that although he weighs more than almost every other kid his age, at least they have a place on the chart for him.

Head circumference: 45 centimeters. This is in the “75 – 90%” — which given his other measurements means, I guess, that unlike his dad he has a small head. Ha!

In the notes, the doctor writes, and here I must quote: “Healthy boy! Excellent growth and development.” They also said to Mom while she was there, “Whatever you’re doing, you should bottle it.”

Not that I’m bragging.