grip’s straight legs

It’s a cliché that every parent thinks their baby is the smartest, cutest, and most advanced in the world. Now that I’ve had a baby, I’ve realized the truth: all those other parents are wrong. _My_ baby is, in actual fact, the smartest, cutest, and most advanced in the world.

Since Grip is only 5 days old, the signs of his advanced-ness are rather subtle, but they are there if you look closely enough. The one that I’m currently (and, according to Mom, unusually) obsessed with is his leg length. You know how when babies come out their legs are all bowed and scrunched up, cause they’ve been stuffed in that tight space in the womb? Supposedly they stay like that for weeks, and gradually straighten out. This is true of every baby I’ve seen — they look tiny because their legs are all chicken-leg crooked up and weird.

But here’s the thing: Grip’s legs are straight. I mean, they’re bent sometimes, but lots of the time he holds them straight out and looks really tall. Everybody he says he looks older than 5 days. Like, two months, maybe.

I’m no physiologist, but it seems pretty clear to me that Grip’s straight legs are indicative of considerable cognitive advancement, all out of proportion to his actual age.