free at last!

Before Griffin was born I read and heard quite a bit about the difficulties many women have breastfeeding: cracked nipples, problems with the baby latching on, mastitis, etc. So, I was (I thought) fully prepared to have to work at it. Turns out we were lucky enough not to have any of those issues. In fact, we have the opposite: he likes to eat so much, I feel like entire days go by with only a few fleeting minutes of unattachedness. No one prepared me for how much time it takes to breastfeed!

feedingIn my defense, I still claim to be under the influence of a post-natal hormone swing, but some days in the middle of a six-hour non-stop eating marathon, I would just break down in tears. I couldn’t bear the constant and inescapable responsibility of keeping my baby fed. I needed to brush my teeth, walk outside, eat something that requires both hands.

So, Wednesday morning (a full two weeks before “the books” recommended I do it) I got out the breast pump and bought myself a little bit of sanity. Luckily, Grip seems to be pretty non-discriminating about the vehicle of his food delivery and Dad couldn’t be happier getting to feed his son some of the time. Now, everyone is happy and well fed!