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Crate & Barrel, the home furnishing store beloved by upper-class baby boomers across the country, has opened a new store called CB2, meant to serve as a sort of Ikea-esque destination for younger, not-quite-so-rich but upwardly-mobile young folks. As much as I hate the crass sense of being marketed to like this, like some septugenarian’s trying to cop a feel, the store is actually pretty cool and worth checking out.


Apparently it’s design day here at Errata. Check out this chair — easy assembly with no tools or screws and endlessly customizable. You just knock the pieces out of a solid piece of plywood with mallet. You can paint the plywood beforehand and make whatever kind of cool-looking chair you want. Neat.

another modular home: m280

Oh man, this one is sweet — and it’s going to be sold on ebay soon! It’s only 280 sq. ft., but it’s pre-plumbed and pre-wired and can be transported and plopped down wherever you want it. It’s composed of three big rooms bolted together.

If I was single and wanted a one-bedroom place (oh, and owned a patch of land), I’d be all over this.