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Brief PSA

Way back in 2003, I was looking for a host for and stumbled upon TextDrive, a scrappy new company from the same people who created the CMS TextPattern. For a one-time flat fee, TD offered me lifetime hosting. What a deal!

Since then there’s been lots of drama, ups and downs, ins and outs, etc. Long story short, TextDrive is finally, completely dead. And it died while I wasn’t paying attention, which meant that lots of recent updates to Realish were lost forever.

I tried to recreate the last few posts using the Wayback Machine, but the comments seem to be lost, along with lots of recent design changes. (Grr.)

Anyway, I’m on a new host now — A Small Orange — and things are back up and running smoothly.

None of you care about any of this, but there it is anyway.


You will note that my personal blogging petered out last year, about the time my kid turned one (coincidence!).

However, I still write a lot for my job. If you’d like to read about environmental issues, check out Grist the magazine for which I work, and especially Gristmill, the blog for which I write.


This blog, despite it’s near-microscopic profile in the media world, was getting deluged by comment spam, the latest and possibly most insidious creature in the spam industry. Assuming my reader(s?) is/are not interested in penis enlargement and barely legal Russian teens, I have temporarily disabled comments for all new posts and most old ones. If anyone’s out there, feel free to email me with feedback.

movable type

I have officially set up this area of my site–errata, as its loyal readers call it (hi vid)–as a “blog,” with a new content management system called Movable Type. It’s quite powerful and interesting to use for an obsessive like myself. I’ve loaded all the past entries into the archive and more or less gotten the various templates looking like I want them. I’ll be tweaking it as time passes, and perhaps adding a few other folks as authors.

You might note that each entry allows you to leave comments. If you get a yen, let me know what you think of the new system.