bush and the environment

The country’s focus is on terrorism and war, and to a lesser extent, on recent bills regarding medicare and energy. The environment has moved to the back burner. That’s unfortunate, because Bush is racking up perhaps the worst environmental record of any President this country’s ever had. There is no area of policy where it’s more obvious that Bush is neither a liberal nor a conservative (as defined by a preference for smaller, less intrusive gov’t), but an advocate for big business. Executives and lobbyists for the coal, oil, and nuclear industries have literally written new policy, and successful regulations that have been in place for decades are being steadily reversed.

In poll after poll, when Americans are asked about specific issues and policies, they express Democratic preferences. And yet Republicans win elections. There are a variety of explanations for this, but the most simple is that Republicans are just better at politics and propaganda. This is clearest in the area of environmental policy, where the “Clean Air Act” and the “Healthy Forests Initiative” are names for policies almost certain to result in dirtier air and increased logging.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Read this essay by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. If you can read the whole thing in one sitting, you have a stronger stomach than me.