Brief PSA

Way back in 2003, I was looking for a host for and stumbled upon TextDrive, a scrappy new company from the same people who created the CMS TextPattern. For a one-time flat fee, TD offered me lifetime hosting. What a deal!

Since then there’s been lots of drama, ups and downs, ins and outs, etc. Long story short, TextDrive is finally, completely dead. And it died while I wasn’t paying attention, which meant that lots of recent updates to Realish were lost forever.

I tried to recreate the last few posts using the Wayback Machine, but the comments seem to be lost, along with lots of recent design changes. (Grr.)

Anyway, I’m on a new host now — A Small Orange — and things are back up and running smoothly.

None of you care about any of this, but there it is anyway.