We took a fairly large crowd of people with us to witness Grip’s baptism. George, Mary, Pat, and Suz were up in front with us because they are Grip’s Godparents (the lucky kid has four!).
The service was also the last for Mark, the pastor, who was leaving to go back to school. His history with the church has been tumultuous. He’s gay, and there was quite a bit of controversy when he came on, not from the congregation — they are the most kind, welcoming, genuinely _Christian_ group of people I’ve ever met — but from the central Methodist council. He gave one of the most inspiring sermons I’ve ever heard, and at the end of the service, as customary, everyone joined hands around the perimeter of the church and sang. As Mark walked out, everyone burst into applause. It was the most emotional church service I’ve ever been to.grip425