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Realish mixes are no more

Several people have asked, so I might as well make an official announcement:

There will be no 2016 Realish mix — or any more Realish mixes going forward. The tradition has ended.

I say this with great regret and nostalgia. I made a mix every year from 2000 to 2015. It got to be a big part of my life! And by the end, hundreds of people were getting them, by CD or online. I loved the whole experience.

But a bunch of stuff has aligned to make it impossible these days. I could write a million words about why, but to summarize:

  • my job has me incredibly, constantly busy and I just don’t have the time;
  • my avenues for discovering new/obscure music have decayed — more and more, I’m just “discovering” stuff that everyone else is discovering too — I don’t want the mix to just be “songs you probably already know”;
  • the bittorrent site I relied on for new music ( has been shut down by the authorities — there’s no other source for free music that works for my purposes, and there’s no way I could afford all gazillion of the albums I listen to in a given year when working on the mix;
  • in general, I find myself not listening to music as much these days, especially when I work — in my old age, I rather appreciate quiet;
  • when I do listen to music, I almost always want to listen to boring strummy dad music that I can sing along to — I’ve lost my appetite for wading through other stuff — and nobody wants a yearly mix full of nothing but strummy dad music;
  • nobody listens to CDs any more, so these days, a “mix” is just a playlist — that just doesn’t feel special enough to me to warrant the immense amount of work I was putting into it.

And so on. Basically, I had to admit that, to quote a phrase, I’m too old for this shit.

All the mixes are available online and always will be. And if anyone wants to take over and make yearly mixes going forward … please put me on the mailing list!

Goodbye, Realish. You were fun.

The 2015 mix is here!

Well, it’s later than usual, but it’s finally done.

The 2015 realish mix is now available! You can get it:

Couple notes:

  • FLAC files are uncompressed sound files, which means the sound quality is much higher than MP3s. Most music players can play them. They take up more space on your hard drive though.
  • Side two in Apple Music is missing the last song, “Helpless.” Apparently it’s not available.
  • As I say every year, it’s better to download the files from me, as I tweak and edit them in various ways. It won’t be quite the same experience on Spotify or whatever.

I know there are still a few die-hards out there who like having the mix on CD. I’m going to make some CDs, I promise, but it hasn’t happened yet. Check back in a week or two.

Happy 2016!

Track list beneath the break.

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The 2014 mix is here!

2014rockMy mix is here, just six days after year’s end. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that the promptness and alacrity are nothing short of historic.

This was a great year for music and consequently this is the strongest mix in several years, at least in my humble opinion. You can download it directly from my Dropbox account. If you’re into bittorrent, you can get the torrent file here.

A few notes:

1. As always, if you would like a copy on CD, I will send you one free of charge. I enjoy making them for the rapidly shrinking group of people who still listen to CDs. It’s the ideal way to hear the mix: high-quality lossless files, in the proper order, preferably while driving on a long highway. Just email me your address and I’ll mail you one. Really!

2. I say this every year, but I’ll say it again: please listen to the mix in order at least once. It’s meant to be played as an album.

3. If you buy the tracks from iTunes or listen to them on Spotify, you won’t have the same experience. I’ve edited just about all these files in some small way, ditched some skits and outros and trailing silences, to help them flow together better.

4. If you’d like a lossless (FLAC) version of the mix, I can get you one.

Spread the word! Here’s the playlist:

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Brief PSA

Way back in 2003, I was looking for a host for and stumbled upon TextDrive, a scrappy new company from the same people who created the CMS TextPattern. For a one-time flat fee, TD offered me lifetime hosting. What a deal!

Since then there’s been lots of drama, ups and downs, ins and outs, etc. Long story short, TextDrive is finally, completely dead. And it died while I wasn’t paying attention, which meant that lots of recent updates to Realish were lost forever.

I tried to recreate the last few posts using the Wayback Machine, but the comments seem to be lost, along with lots of recent design changes. (Grr.)

Anyway, I’m on a new host now — A Small Orange — and things are back up and running smoothly.

None of you care about any of this, but there it is anyway.

The 2013 mix is here!

With record early-ness, I bring you Realish 2013, my favorite songs of the past year. It was an annus mirabilis in music, an embarrassment of riches, so making the mix was especially fun (and fast) this time around. As always, each side fits exactly on an 80-minute CD. As always, the first side is a bit faster (party time), the second a bit slower (chill time).

How to get it

If you are a bittorrent user, you can download the mix here. In fact, you can download all the Realish mixes going back to 2001 here. (Bittorrent is the bomb. And it’s easy. Just install this program and go to town.)

Alternatively, you can download the mix directly (from my Dropbox account) here.

If downloading makes you nervous, I can always email you the zip file. Just drop me a note. (Email address over on the right.)

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It’s coming, it’s coming

To answer your questions, yes, I’m hard at work on the 2013 mix. It was a great year for music — I’ve got too much to work with!

When I’m done and the mix is available for download, I’ll update the blog.

As it happens, I’m out of town until mid-Feb., so actual CDs are going to have to wait, probably until the beginning of March. But I’ll still be “taking orders,” as it were, from those of you who appreciate having hard copies.

The 2012 mix is here!

The 2012 mix — my take on the best music of the year — is finished! And rather early this year, if I do say so myself. It was a fantastic year for music, which made things a bit easier.

The best and fastest way to get the mix is to download it via bittorrent, here. If you live in the dark ages and haven’t gotten on the bittorrent bandwagon yet, you can download it directly, as a .zip file, here. (Right-click and choose “save target as,” or whatever.)

Thanks to a friendly volunteer, the sets are also available as Spotify playlists: side one, side two. (It’s missing one song, which Spotify apparently doesn’t have.)

If you are really in the dark ages and prefer to listen to CDs, well, that’s just good sense, because CDs sound way better than lossy, tinny mp3 files. Just let me know your address and I’ll mail you one. (You can email me at realish at gmail dot com.)

If you’d like to download mixes from years past, going all the way back to 2003, you can do so, via bittorrent, here. If you don’t bittorrent you can download directly, 2011 and 2010.

The mix is meant to be heard as an album. Song order matters. As always, the only thing I ask of you, dear listeners, is that you listen to it all the way through, in the right order, at least once, before it becomes a bunch of scattered singles in your iTunes library.

Here’s the set list:

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The 2011 mix is here!

The 2011 mix is done! I was going to apologize for it being “late,” but since my last post like this was a year and a day ago, I guess this is the new normal.

The best, fastest, most reliable way to get it is via bittorrent, here.

You can also download past years’ mixes, all the way back to 2003, here. (If you don’t have a bittorrent client, get this one.)

If you live in the past and don’t do bittorrent, you can download the mix as a single zip file via Dropbox (check the menu at the upper right).

If you live even farther in the past and want the mix on CD, well, I salute you! Email me your address and I’ll mail you one. Really! I enjoy making them and will be sad when the year comes that no one wants one…

As usual, my only request is that you listen to the whole thing through, in order, at least once. In this day and age, no one respects song order any more, but it matters, damnit! Also, get off my lawn.

Let me know what you think.

The 2010 mix is here!

It’s even later than usual, but this year’s mix is done!

By far the fastest, safest, and easiest-on-my-bandwidth option is to download the mix via bittorrent. It’s easy: install this program (or this one if you’re on a Mac) and go here. Voi la.

Alternatively, you can download the mix as a single zip file from Dropbox. All files are high-quality mp3s.

I always make actual CDs for anyone who wants one (a dying art form), so send your address to realish at gmail if you’d like one. Really, you too!

If you’d like previous years’ mixes, you can find them, going all the way back to 2003, here.

The only thing I ask in return for making the mixes is that you listen to them all the way through, in order, at least a few times before they become random singles scattered throughout iTunes. Order matters!

And on that note, here’s the 2010 track list:

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