2008 mix: a horrible thought

1. Most people downloaded the mix rather than asking for CDs this year. It appears the long-foretold mainstreaming of digital music is finally upon us. (Of course, now I’m stuck with a stack of CDs.)

2. Most people seem to use the execrable iTunes.

3. When you import the mix into the execrable iTunes, it completely scrambles it — won’t play it in order. And of course, song order is crucial.

Damn you iTunes.

  • Mary

    If you make a “playlist” in Itunes you can control the order of the songs, thus circumventing the horribleness of Itunes and honoring the much considered song order. It takes a few extra minutes to drag the songs into a playlist and make sure they are in the right order, but well worth it.

  • Aunt Phyllis

    Please send me the CD. Mike gave me an Ipod Shuffle for Christmas, and I seem to be totally incompetent with it and any other gadget.