2007 mix

It’s a few weeks late, but the Realish Mix 2007 is here. I’d love to give you a copy.

If you want to download it via bittorrent, you can here. You’ll need a bittorrent client (like this one).

If you don’t feel comfortable using bittorrent (which is, I promise, fast, easy, and free), you can download the mix directly from Dropbox.

If you’re old-fashioned and want a CD, just send me your address and I’ll drop one in the mail. “Even me?” you ask. “But I barely know you.” Yeah, you too. Think of it as me paying general karmic debts accrued during my unfortunate 15-30 years. I have a stack of CDs, a stack of envelopes, and a book of stamps. Just say the word.

Contact me at realish ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com.


  • TimBits

    I told you I’d be back! Sorry I’m a couple months late, but my memory is not exactly at the peak of perfection, unlike your Realish mixes! Loved the 2005, and 2006 mixes. I cannot wait for the 2007 one to finish downloading. I’ll seed it as long as I have an internet connection (and computer)! Thanks again for putting so much effort into these mixes. Looks like you have another winner this year! BTW, I have 2005, 2006 on my iPod and they are still in high rotation. I even have them tagged as their own playlists so I can find the separate mixes in just a couple clicks.