10 months old

Mom sent this out with the Daily Grip yesterday, and I thought it was sweet so I’m posting it here (she doesn’t, despite occasional nagging from me, post to the Grip Diaries much… meaning at all).

Grip is 10 months old today and I have no idea where the time has gone. He seems at times to be mere moments away from walking — for which I don’t know whether to be excited or very nervous. As he becomes more and more physically capable, it’s really interesting to see how “boy” he is. He simply must affect things. Yesterday he spent quite a while shaking our entertainment center — those of you who have seen our entertainment center understand that this is no small feat. He also likes to operate the spigot on our bottled water (I’m less a fan of this hobby), roll his high chair back and forth, pull down everything within reach (which is getting higher and higher by the day), roll balls across the floor, yank the cat’s fur, and turn the pages in his books. As a result of his avid interest in motion, it’s really hard for him to go to sleep. He just can’t stop. Our nightly bedtime ritual resembles a wrestling match more than a tender mother/son cuddle. Tonight, I’ve given up and handed him off to his dad so I can get some work done and this email sent.

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